Cities & Towns

Istria is also a land of cities. The ancient settlements of Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, Umag, Labin, Pazin, Medulin, Grožnjan, Novigrad, Buzet and many others are places of pilgrimage for beauty lovers. These towns are usually situated on top of hills and surrounded by walls and towers. The alleyways of the old towns preserve the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Scattered along the coasts and hillocks, amidst the vineyards and olive-groves,

Istrian small towns look as if they have just descended from a painting. Just like people who had happier and less happier periods in their lives, some Istrian towns have been preserved, while others, ravaged by time and misfortune, are nothing more than romantic ruins, an abandoned scenery from which sensitive souls read records of the times past.

City of Hum
Rovinj from Air

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  If you want to truly experience Istria in all its diversity, start from Pula, Rovinj, or Poreč, then go to Svetvinčenat and Dvigrad, and finally to Motovun or Hum. In Rovinj you will recognize the contours and heritage of Venice, in Pazin the spirit of Austria will speak for itself. Do not hesitate, for a short time leave the tales of the sea and salt, murmur of the crowd and romantic ships anchored in the lively port, and head to the fairylike paths of the undulating landscape.